Firm Advises Sales Representative in Exclusive Deal to Market Innovative, Restorative Ladies Sleepwear

Our Illinois business lawyers recently worked with Bodacious Enterprises, Inc. to structure and negotiate a sales representation and marketing services agreement with Goodnighties, Inc. Under the agreement, Bodacious, based in north suburban Chicago, will be the exclusive representative in the United States and elsewhere for the Goodnighties brand of sleepwear, which initially is targeted for women. The firm also provided legal counseling regarding a variety of other corporate and contract matters.

The Goodnighties products incorporate a special, soft, wicking fabric containing extra negative ions that results from a licensed proprietary process and treatment first used for enhancing sports performance. Goodnighties sleep apparel is intended to provide more dry, comfortable and restorative sleep for women experiencing night sweats, soreness and/or injuries. The purpose of the increased negative ions is to elevate the flow of oxygen-rich blood to muscles. Goodnighties is based in Huntsville, Alabama.

The attorneys of Jeremy A. Gibson & Associates, P.C. have extensive experience assisting Chicago and other Illinois businesses with distribution, sales and licensing law issues, such as negotiating exclusivity, territory, commissions, intellectual property and termination provisions.