Strong Support for a Chicago Supreme Court Candidate

We take a diverson today from the subject of business law with a Chicago perspective. Instead, we'll take a moment to consider the upcoming vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States due to the announced retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens. But, still with a Chicago angle.

I happened to read an unusually compelling article regarding possible candidates. This was a very thorough, well-researched and well-reasoned piece recommending Judge Diane Wood, who sits upon the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, which is based in Chicago. The article was by Glenn Greenwald and posted at The article makes a solid case that Judge Wood has the principles, strength of character and collegiality to be the leading choice for the nomination. For example, she has long been able to get along with the prominent conservative jurists on the Seventh Circuit, Judges Richard Posner and Frank Easterbrook.

I've seen Greenwald's name before, but wasn't familiar with him or his work. It was refreshing to see a good piece of journalism in this age of Tweets and sound bites and I recommend it for anyone interested in this subject, particularly if you like the idea of appointing someone from outside the East Coast.