Don't Take the Fine Print of Your Contracts for Granted

Recently, I consulted with a new client about some corporate matters. The client provides certain routine and specialized maintenance services to building owners and operators. In the course of discussing the business, I obtained a copy of the company's standard services agreement with customers. This form had been used with a number of customers for a long time without incident. But, it was a time bomb.

If you are a vendor or seller there are several basic protective steps you can take with contracts that literally can save your business. And, virtually all purchasers will find them acceptable most or all of the time because these measures are reasonable and done by the purchasers themselves when acting as a supplier. However, this client had not focused on this matter.

In short, every vendor or seller should make some effort to: (1) disclaim all warranties except those that are specifically provided; (2) limit aggregate liability to the amount of the purchase or some other reasonable amount; and (3) avoid liability for consequential or punitive damages. If this is not done, then the vendor or seller potentially faces unlimited or very high liability if something goes wrong and the purchaser's business is interrupted or suffers lost revenues or profits. For example, what if the maintenance client's personnel accidentally disconnected or damaged network wiring that caused lost data or brought down online sales? It's unlikely this client expects to have such high potential liability where it is getting paid a relatively small amount; but that can happen without the right contract provisions.

These are just some of the items in the fine print of contracts that can be easy to ignore or gloss over but actually can be critically important for when that one in a thousand or million event happens. So, take some care to make sure you have appropriate contract and agreement forms and have them reviewed every so often.

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