Chicago Business Attorneys Best Suited to Handle Technology Agreements

The service interruptions experienced by Amazon this month has companies debating the merits of using remote computer services that are beyond their control, according to The New York Times.

A Chicago business lawyer should be consulted when establishing such third-party agreements or when a company fails to fulfill their obligations under a terms of service level agreement (SLA). Such contracts and agreements in Chicago should address system availability, redundancy and compensation. Remedies should also be addressed as part of outsourcing agreements.

"This is a wake-up call for cloud computing," analyst Matthew Eastwood told the Times. "It will force a conversation in the industry."

Not only should companies take a look at what services they are sending off site, they should carefully determine what crucial information or services need to remain inhouse. They must also take a look at the contracts covering cloud computing services, as well as how much to pay for backup and recovery services.

Amazon has a side business offering computer resources to businesses and is now an early leader in the growing business of cloud computing for companies large and small, including Netflix and Pfizer. The companies hit hardest by Amazon's service interruption were reportedly newer companies focused on growth, which are less likely to have extensive backup and recovery services.

Businesses reported various problems, from being unable to access data, to sites being shut down. The problems appear to have originated from Amazon's data center in Northern Virginia, near Dulles airport. Data center experts likened the interruption to the computing equivalent of an airline crash.

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