Ford Forced to Pay $2 Billion to Dealerships in Chicago Distribution Ruling

A judge in Cleveland recently ruled that the Ford Motor Company must pay $2 billion as part of a class-action lawsuit accusing the company of overcharging truck dealerships over an 11-year period, The New York Times reports.

Chicago Distribution Attorneys believe this case demonstrates the importance of thinking through the implications of commercial contracts to maximize supplier flexibility. Chicago distribution and sales can be crucial to a company looking to gain increased exposure in the marketplace.

In the Ford case, the company plans to appeal the ruling, which stated that it violated agreements with about 3,100 dealerships from 1987 to 1998, using "hidden discounts" and unpublished prices to increase its profits at the expense of dealerships. Ford made dealers pay a total of $800 million more than they should have for nearly 475,000 medium- and heavy-duty trucks, including tractor-trailers and bulldozers.

Damages include $1.2 billion in interest and were calculated based on the formula used by a jury that in February awarded $4.5 million to an Ohio dealership. The company, in a statement, said the pricing program benefited dealers and didn't harm them.

The lawsuit was filed in 2002 and alleged that the company set wholesale prices on the trucks that were higher than the prices buyers were willing to pay for them. The dealers could request discounts from Ford so that they would be able to earn a profit, but each dealer was unaware of how much Ford was discounting the trucks to other dealers. As a result, the prices that dealers paid for identical trucks varied widely.

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