How We Work

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your business and legal needs. Please feel free to contact us, to arrange a complimentary initial consultation. As a preliminary matter, please keep in mind that your communications with us generally will be confidential and protected from disclosure by the "attorney-client privilege," except where you waive confidentiality or the law requires it.

If and when we are engaged, then our services usually will be provided (and noted in an engagement confirmation letter) as follows:

Client(s). The first step is to determine which party or parties we will represent. Often, when several parties are involved in a project or case, it may not be feasible or prudent for all to be represented by the same attorney.

Scope. Our services will be limited to those areas specifically discussed, except as expressly agreed later.

Fees. Our fees typically are based upon the current hourly billing rates of each professional devoting time to a matter. However, depending upon the circumstances, in some cases we may provide an estimate of expected fees, a flat fee or a contingency fee arrangement. In addition, we may request a "retainer," which essentially is a deposit to a special account in order to secure final payment.

Expenses. We typically include separate charges for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the course of providing services, including for travel, express mail and messenger services, fee-based online research databases, long-distance telephone calls, faxes, records searches,document filings, registrations and document imaging and reproduction. We typically will arrange for significant third-party services, such as for appraisers, consultants and expert witnesses, to be billed directly to our client.

Statements. We normally will issue a statement for fees and expenses incurred for each matter on a monthly basis. Payment generally is expected within 15 days of receipt. If a statement remains unpaid for more than 30 days, then we may suspend the performance of our services and end the engagement.

Please do not hesitate to discuss with us any aspect of engaging and working with us.