Real Estate

We assist clients in the sale, lease and development of all types of real estate, whether industrial, commercial or residential. For example, we have handled everything from the review of a simple apartment lease to the siting, permitting and construction of controversial manufacturing plants.

Sales and Purchases. We represent buyers and sellers of real estate, from the initial discussions to the closing. We advise clients during the negotiation, contract, due diligence and financing stages of deals. For example, after customizing a contract to the situation, we can help arrange inspections, surveys, soil borings and environmental assessments. In addition, we can work with clients to obtain the best package of development incentives from economic development authorities for industrial and commercial projects.

Leases. We frequently negotiate lease terms upon behalf of landlords and tenants, including as to such key issues as options, permitted uses, alterations, common areas, indemnifications, early terminations and guarantees.

Zoning. We help clients in confirming that real estate is suitable for their needs and obtaining the appropriate zoning approvals for required for their plans. For example, we have applied for and obtained zoning variances for many non-conforming features, such as use, color, height, pollutants, signage and other aspects of completed facilities.

The attorneys and lawyers of Jeremy A. Gibson & Associates, P.C. are experienced in handling real estate matters throughout the United States, including the Chicago, Illinois area. When necessary we can arrange for appropriate appraisers, architects, inspectors, engineers and surveyors to assist with your project. Please see our Experience page or contact us.