Contracts and Agreements

The essence of business law is the contract or agreement. However, the concept is very flexible and may include everything from a handshake, email exchange or one-page letter to a 100-page document. And, today, it is not unusual to outsource mission-critical business functions to vendors pursuant to key agreements.

We pride ourselves on helping clients to decide when a written contract or agreement should be required and to negotiate the right type of document for the given circumstances. In any event, we methodically work to have the right combination of provisions for clients, whether involving recitals, covenants, representations, product and service warranties, indemnification, disclaimers, liability or remedy limitations, confidentiality, intellectual property, notice, termination, choice of law, choice of forum, dispute resolution or publicity.

Additionally, depending upon the type of business, there are likely to be certain frequent types of contracts or agreements needed. Accordingly, we frequently prepare versions of standard, form, model or template contracts and agreements.

With more than 25 years of attorney experience we have prepared and negotiated most types of business contracts and agreements, including:

  • shareholder agreements concerning the formation, organization and control of corporations and other business entities;
  • mergers, acquisitions, alliances, joint ventures and exclusive licensing deals;
  • distribution, sales, supply, services, consulting and loan arrangements;
  • confidentiality, patent, trademark, trade secret, non-competition, software and outsourcing matters; and
  • real estate sale and lease agreements.

The attorneys and lawyers of Jeremy A. Gibson & Associates, P.C. are experienced in handling contract and agreement matters throughout the United States, including the Chicago, Illinois area. Please see our Experience page or contact us, to learn more.